About Us

The Members of the Chinese-Australian Cultural Community is a non-for-profit student body comprised of Asian-Australian students. As the heritage of Asian-Australian families flow across one and two to many generations, students may lose touch with their culture and traditions. In full recognition Australia’s current multicultural society, MCCC pledges to:

  • Guide and personally develop Australian-Asian students
  • Act as the middle-ground between Australians and Chinese natives so that meaningful and fruitful conversations may be held.

MCCC contributes to the student life on campus by wholly supporting the Asian-Australian student. Whether through cultural experiences, charity work or personal development events, our committee are aware of the struggles of Asian-Australians. MCCC’s vision is to impact student life on different levels. Not just socially, but personally and professionally. By giving and sharing life experiences in order to know and find our place in the current society. Asian-Australian University students struggle between an “Asian” goal of becoming typical doctors, lawyers and accountants. Whilst being told to pursue your passions and dreams from friends, and other acquaintances. Where do we go? What do we do? Why not both? Join us to find out more!