Edward Tran

Marketing Officer

Hey guyss, my name is Edward (Ed) Tran and i'm a 2nd year currently studying Commerce at Monash Clayton. I'm a pretty ordinary uni student with nothing that interesting to say bout myself but some of the things i enjoy doing is just hanging with my mates whether that be playing sport, studying, gym, playing games or going to events. Before i joined MCCC i had a very closed group of mates but ever since joining and getting more involved with the uni scene, i've met so many great people that made my 1st year of uni one of the best of my life so far. MCCC is special to me because of all the experiences that i've had because of it and without it, i'd probably be the same awkward kid from year 12. If you ever see me (or any of our other comm members) feel free to say hi, would love to have a chat with you even if we have never met before :D