Joseph Lau

Joseph Lau


"Relentless work ethic and steadfast mentality for high-pressure environments"

Took that from my CV, feel free to steal it to secure yourself a nice job in the future. :')

I'm Joey and I will be part of MCCC for 3 whole years when 2019 is over. Honestly it has been such an amazing experience and time so far, where I have met so many people who genuinely care about me and so many people that I can laugh and share my life with. MCCC has been there through my ups and downs and that is why I love this community so much. I'm honestly so keen to make 2019 the best year of MCCC and give every single member in our community the best year of their lives.

But a little bit about me, I currently study a double degree in Law/Arts and its been pretty hard but so fun. The students and services Monash provides are all helpful so I don't feel behind or lost during the semesters. I love literally everything, music, food, working out, studying, so if you need some life tips I'm always open to have a chat!