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Aa & MCCC Presents: 'Jewel of the River' Annual Ball 2023

Embark upon a mystical voyage along the meandering path of a hidden river 🏞. In the expansive night sky, a resplendent phoenix gracefully soars🕊, its fiery plumage casting a vibrant glow🕯 Aa and MCCC invite you to join us as we enter into this new era of captivating wonders 🌌

🏮 Lanterns ascend from the riverbank, illuminating the surroundings. The bustling markets and towns burst with a palpable energy 🎇, as the excited crowds create an atmosphere alive with anticipation. As the river's magnetic pull guides your course, you draw nearer to a luminous gemstone, its brilliance intensifying with each measured step🏮

Prepare for an extraordinary journey of hidden treasures and breathtaking beauty and come with us to

Aa & MCCC Presents: ‘Jewel of the River’ Annual Ball 2023

Aa and MCCC have returned with the highly anticipated annual ball! We invite you to join us at the Jewel of the River for an illuminating night inside Crown Palladium🏮

Ladies and gentlemen, come dressed to impress with your best suit and dress and prepare for a stupendous night of dancing and complimentary FREE-FLOW drinks🥂 and a memories of a lifetime to enjoy with your friends 💃🏻

Within the light of the Jewel of the River, prepare to indulge yourself in a three-course meal that will not disappoint and immerse yourself in the surroundings of entertainment and the enchantment of the markets along the river🪷

Experience the Jewel of the River...

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Wilson Zhu
Wilson Zhu
Aug 11, 2023

gosh golly i am excited

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