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The First Year Representative ('Jaffy Rep') role provides a gateway to an exciting journey of leadership and community engagement! They bridge the gap between an exciting new cohort of first-year university students and the club's existing and vibrant community.

First Year Representatives collaborate with the entire committee to ensure that the unique perspectives and needs of first-year university students are heard and addressed. Their enthusiasm and fresh ideas contribute to the club's growth and inclusivity.

As the newest additions to the MCCC family, First Year Representatives play a vital role in fostering a welcoming environment for fellow first-year university students at our many events, helping them navigate the club and discover its diverse offerings.

Throughout your term, First Year Representatives have the opportunity to build strong connections, develop leadership skills, and contribute to shaping the future of our university club.

This opportunity provides a transformative journey that creates memories, fosters growth, and builds an inclusive community that welcomes and supports every newcomer that follows.

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