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The driving force and backbone behind MCCC. The executive team consists of four passionate members that help grow and channel ideas from the committee and make them into a reality. As the face of the club, these four individuals foster strong intra-committee bonds, while managing external committee relations and extending MCCC's reach through valuable partnerships.

As the executive team takes the reins of MCCC, they embark on an unforgettable journey of personal growth, teamwork, and making a positive impact on the lives of the committee. Together, they elevate the student experience and leave a lasting legacy within MCCC.


The events team is the creative force behind the unforgettable university club experiences that MCCC has to offer! From thrilling social gatherings to insightful workshops and community engagement initiatives, they craft diverse events that cater to all university students. As a team, they collaborate, plan, and execute ideas to ensure every event leaves a lasting impact on our vibrant community. The events team creates cherished memories and fosters life-long connections at MCCC!


The graphics team brings ideas to life through captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression. Crafting stunning posters, social media visuals, and event banners, the graphics team ensure every piece reflects the spirit of MCCC. In close collaboration with other teams, they infuse creativity into every aspect of our club's initiatives, fostering a sense of belonging and elevating the student experience.


The HR team supports and empowers committee members through recruitment, professional development, and conflict resolution. Our HR team fosters a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can thrive. They strive to create a positive and united community that celebrates diversity and values each member's contributions. Together, they pave the way for shared success and personal growth.


The innovations department is the driving force behind the club's new initiatives and adaptations. As a dynamic and versatile duo, they collaborate with all other departments to bring fresh ideas and improvements to everything, internal and external, at MCCC! They serve as an extension to the executives, working closely with them to ensure the committee is 'on the ball' and in-tune with developments in their environment. They are passionate about exploring new possibilities and constantly strive to enhance the university club experience.



The logistics department provides expertise in moving and transporting decorations, food, equipment, and more, to our biggest events and committee bondings! They ensure seamless execution by handling equipment, setting up venues, and providing reliable support. They are instrumental in creating unforgettable moments at MCCC and can be considered the backbone to the whole club's operations.


The marketing team is the creative strategist behind the club's branding success! They craft compelling captions to captivate our audience and foster a vibrant community. The team comprises innovative thinkers and storytellers, working in harmony to amplify the club's presence. Understanding members' needs, we tailor campaigns that resonate with their interests. From social media to SMS/email marketing, they produce captivating content that showcases our events and club values. Leveraging cutting-edge tools, they reach an ever wider audience, inspiring more students to join us.

Collaboration is key. As they work closely with other teams, the marketing team aligns our club's perception with its vision. They push the boundaries of traditional marketing to create fresh and impactful campaigns.


The sponsorship department leads the club's growth and longevity! As expert negotiators and relationship builders, they secure valuable partnerships that elevate MCCC to new heights. Our sponsorship team is a group of passionate individuals who excel at building beneficial collaborations with our wonderful sponsors. 


From local businesses to industry leaders, they approach potential sponsors with a strategic mindset, highlighting the unique opportunities our club offers for brand visibility and community engagement. At MCCC, we take pride in nurturing long-term relationships with our sponsors, providing them with exceptional value and recognition throughout our events and initiatives. These partnerships not only support our club financially but also enrich our members' experiences through exclusive perks and opportunities.
Collaboration is at the heart of our team. We work closely with other departments to integrate sponsor benefits seamlessly into our events and marketing material, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence for our partners.

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